We don’t want to tell you what we are doing and how we are doing it – everybody understands that. Car wrapping industry is becoming larger and larger and the process of film application becomes more and more used and understood. There are plenty of wrapping companies out there, we won't be lying to you saying we are the best even though we do deliver high quality services. We will rather share with you why we are doing it.

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Passion – that one word describes R-Design. Why are we doing what we are doing? What's our purpose? Because we have passion for it. We have passion for delivering high quality services with best materials there are, delivering an emotion of completely new feelings of driving your car, looking at your car, experiencing your car. 

Our vision goes beyond just wrapping cars. We don’t treat cars as a regular wrapping process. We treat a car as an idea that needs to be realised and we are chosen to be the ones to bring that idea to reality. 


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