Professional Auto Photo Shooting

Over the years we saw a growing demand for professional car photo sessions. Photo sessions that can show your car from a different perspective, with a different initiative and look.


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That’s’ exactly what we were looking for when searching for photographers who will be able to give our clients just that - a photo session of the client’s car that even he would not think of a possibility to show his car in such an unique way.

R-Design offers you professional car photo-sessions from our personal photographer Aleksandr Markovsky.

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Aleksandr Markovsky is an automotive photographer based in Russia, Moscow. Working all around the world.

Co-owner of “” - professional automotive photo/video studio.

Over the past 5 years, he has done more than 300 professional auto photo sessions in more than 20 countries over 3 continents. Working with cars from brands such as Lamborghini, Pagani and Ferrari amongst other big brands, allowed him to create a strong feeling of responsibility and value behind every picture he takes. A person who takes care of most of Watch Anish Group (; Instagram: watchanish) pictures, we are sure he is the most suitable addition to our team.

For quotes and inquiries on auto photo sessions, please contact us.