Over 2 years while we were on this market for colour vinyl and Paint Protection Film, we’ve realised the need and importance of these services for the clients. By experimenting and implementing new ideas and technology, we were able differentiate ourselves from all the other garages and offer you only the best products that are present on the market.

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R-Design is proud to present you 3 services that we are operating right now:

As an artistic atelier, we are only interested in offering you the services that will allow you to differentiate from all the others, be it a unique colour transformation or the best paint protection layer, or professionally performed photo-shoot for your car to be placed on your wall.

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If you are one of those, whose desire is to differentiate from all the others, or you just care more about your car and wish for it to be protected and never worry about any more environmental hazards or chip stones, then let R-Design take care of it.

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